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Write a book

Wow! I am impressed! I want to write a book too.
Non-fiction for me. Maybe fiction for you.
It takes discipline and time.
There is so much to research and so much to learn about publishing and self publishing, etc.
Income could be low or non-existent.
I haven’t actually done it, so I can’t tell you how to do it.
I have the outlines of about 5 books I want to write, but I’ve been too busy with my part-time clinical practices, locum tenens, file review, expert witness, and managing my investments to write.
I’d recommend picking one path, say locums and write a book.
I’d recommend to make sure your finances are all in order, unless maybe you have no children or your spouse has a lucrative job.
All I know is, it is much easier to say you are going to write a book than to actually write a book.
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