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Assess your finances

A major change to your career plans requires not only careful introspection, but also careful inspection of your finances. What you decide to do likely will depend on your stage in life, who depends on your financial support, and your current assets.
You are no doubt aware of whether you are the accumulation phase or the preservation phase of life.
A careful evaluation of your current and future income will help you avoid and severe financial mistakes.
How much money do you need?
Preservation spreadsheet
How much money do you have and will it support your needs?
Dividend Tracker
How much money do you need to save?
How much money will you have in the future?
Accumulation spreadsheet
How long will your money last?
Will you out live your money?
Do you have enough life insurance?
How will inflation affect your financial situation?
What will your lifestyle needs be like in the future?

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